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When you deal with ECCO and you are inquiring about Electronic Connectors there are 6 key value points you should consider;

Why choose us… Means to you… NOTE(s)…
1. We are a stocking distributor with key franchises of some of the premier lines in the industry. Innovative technology brought to you with inventory capabilities and interests in stocking connector solutions for you! Return privileges mitigating risk. ECIA, ERA, and NEDA association members.Supplier Direct Support.
2. Our knowledge base of connectors and related components amongst our professional skilled sales representatives is stronger and more tenured than most of our competition. You get great service, and an expert on the other end of the phone (NO VOICE MAIL HERE!) who can offer solutions and subs to your electronic component needs. Years of electronic components selling experience amongst the members of the team exceed 420 years (and NO, we are not all gray yet thank you, ;))
3. We have value added assembly operations and are QPL and ISO certified. We can do unique things the large distributors cannot with great quality processes and quick delivery to get you what you need, when/how you want it! Quick turn capabilities with cost competitive Skilled American Labor!
4. Technical and Design Services capabilities. We can talk technical and engineering likes to deal with us.
5. Entrepreneurial Spirit. We don’t require you to sign your life away or speak with several layers of management to get things done quickly!We just GET R’ DONE! Low maintenance supplier who treats you well, cares about a “job well done” and will work magic to make sure you are taken care of!
6. Inventory . We want to give you PEACE of MIND with our millions of inventory available for same day shipment. Located in Chicago, next to Midway Airport…we can get you what you need when you need it, ON TIME and IN FULL quantities.