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As a leading provider of electronic components and solutions, Molex views innovation as a tool for solving complex customer challenges. This philosophy has helped Molex create many pioneering electronic solutions, and aligns itself with ECCO’s value proposition of high service to our customers.

Product offerings include:

Molex Supplier and Dealer

  • Avikrimp™
  • Beau® Plugs and Sockets
  • Brad® Products
  • Micro-D
  • MLX150L
  • Perma-Seal ™
  • SC Power
  • Solderless Terminals
  • VersaKrimp™
  • Woodhead®
  • And much more….just ask!

Molex markets include:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Alternative Energy Source
  • Automotive
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Data/Computing
  • Industrial
  • Medical
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