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ECCO & Gizzi’s tips for this BIZARRO world we live in today…

March 18, 2020

Today, we are in bizarre times where at any minute the world as we know it gets turned upside down!

While things change fast, here at ECCO we are practicing what we preach about our BRAND PROMISE, which is being FAST, FLEXIBLE, TECHNICAL, with QUALITY ASSEMBLY services.

As such, we have been practicing WORK @ HOME (WAH) for over 1 year now with our front office employees (sales/marketing/operations/purchasing) and this week made the decision to suspend any/all office time (normally in office 2X/week) until further notice.  This change still allows our front office functions to operate 100% normally.  Our assembly, shipping, and warehouse personnel in both Nogales MX and Chicago IL are still meeting ALL customer commitments while practicing spatial separation, intense cleaning/hyper hygiene, and being extremely flexible with workday schedules.

Additional things we are doing;

  1. We will practice the 3 C’s Contain, Cover, Clean…and have ample disinfectant wipes available to all to help in those efforts. In fact, we are now practicing HYPER HYGEINE at our offices where we will all be personally responsible for wiping our work and surface areas continuously along with “last touch” items including tools, desks, pens, phones, door handles, copiers, etc..
  2. LESS MEETINGS/more phone contact and personal (safe) communications.
  3. If you feel sick, stay home.  When in doubt, stay out!
  4. Personal hygiene is a MUST, wash your hands at every opportunity.  We have extra soap!
  5. Avoid sharing food/drinks, respect others space and practice social distancing to avoid others who demonstrate signs of being ill, and greetings and salutations should all be verbal with no more than an elbow bump or hand gesture-I will be using the peace sign, ✌…😉.
  6. We will try and get surgical gloves and masks as soon as possible knowing that the medical profession, and those in immediate need/at risk should get all those items first.
  7. Avoid touching your face, mouth, & nose please!

Lastly, while these are unprecedented times and it is absolutely BUSINESS AS UNUSUAL, I truly believe we have a safe workplace at ECCO. 

We will weather this storm together, in fact we are “CONNECTING SOLUTIONS…TOGETHER”!


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