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New location in 2021!

December 31, 2020

Happy New Year and welcome to 2021!

Per our previous communication(s) we have successfully relocated our distribution and value-added assembly operation(s) to Downers Grove, IL. USA.  This move will include the consolidation of our two previous facilities – both our Midway Airport/Chicago location and our Nogales MX location.

By moving everything under 1 roof we accomplish the following;

  1. Creates a faster & more efficient assembly and warehousing operation.
  2. Facilitates increased flexibility to grow our connector production and ShrinkMate™ EMI/RFI heat shielding production via future building expansion.
  3. Provides us with a more robust infrastructure to continue to increase our support to our customers.

So, ECCO and its employees are excited for our future in our new location and we expect these infrastructure upgrades (along with investments in products and systems this year) to make 2021 ECCO’s finest year ever!


It all adds upto faster assembly, faster delivery, and cost-effective interconnect and electromechanical solutions.  Please reach back to me or any of my ECCO colleagues to further explore our ability to add more value to what you do, and in turn what you do for your company.

Good bye 2020, and do not let the door hit you on your way out, 😉.

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