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The Travelling Amphenol 5015 Series connector assembly

September 16, 2022

Hello from ECCO’s European Journal:

From July 1st, Through July 17th Electronic Connector Company (ECCO) sent an Amphenol 97 series connector assembly they built for a customer sample to Italy & the UK as Bernard & Laura Gizzi traveled there on their summer holdiay celebrating their 32nd anniversary.  It was a nod of respect to Bernard’s heritage (Italy) and Laura’s respect and adoration of the UK’s monarch and her majesty.  The trip started in Rome, then Florence, then Siena Tuscany, then to L’Aquila (Bernard’s grandfather-Alessandro Gizzi’s hometown).  After 10 days in Italy the trip went to London to see the Queen’s residence, the garden for Princess Diana, Westminster Abbey’s cathedral, and eventually ended up in St. Andrews Scotland where the connector assembly attended the 150th British Open golf tournament.

As pictured, the Amphenol connector assembly enjoyed its travel at the Vatican, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace in London, a seaside Scottish castle, and even the 18th hole at St. Andrews Old Course!

Where will this assembly end up next? Stay tuned!

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