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November 1, 2017

Hello, and let me introduce myself to you, I am Professor GIZMO, and I plan on letting you all learn from (and teach) me everything I need to know about electronic connectors.

To start today’s session, I am posting a picture of myself drawn by some random artist on the web (copyright not protected, but in the spirit of education and all, how about a pass) that looks a bit like I might like to look if I was nicer & smarter.

Seriously, here is a pop quiz…what is the difference between a plug connector and a socket connector?

Wait on it….

Yes, a socket does not have its electrical contacts exposed vs a plug. The socket carries the live current and electricity that the plug will go into thus completing the circuit and sending power & signal down a wire.

And you can only mate a male plug to a female socket for reasons we all know.

OK then, I guess we can stop now for today’s lesson has already upset someone out there but hopefully educated a few more.

Till next time we connect,

Professor GIZMO…

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