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Solutions from Interconnect Specialists (published in Electronics Sourcing Magazine-September 2020)

September, 18 2020

Considerations when sourcing from Interconnect Specialist Distributors… While today the “business as UNUSUAL” mantra blares loud for us all, electronic connector sourcing has always been complicated for a myriad of reasons, the biggest likely being long lead times and limited available inventory.  Still, when you source from distributors who specialize in interconnect products you get […]


WE CANNOT CELEBRATE YET! Covid-19 and Supply Chain effects

June, 30 2020

July, 2020 update from ECCO President As the United States winds down its 1st half of an eventful 2020, and industry takes a pause for the holiday weekend,  i wanted to remind us all of a few important topical updates: Predictability is out the window!  We are all struggling with keeping plans in place, and […]


ECCO & Gizzi’s tips for this BIZARRO world we live in today…

March, 18 2020

Today, we are in bizarre times where at any minute the world as we know it gets turned upside down! While things change fast, here at ECCO we are practicing what we preach about our BRAND PROMISE, which is being FAST, FLEXIBLE, TECHNICAL, with QUALITY ASSEMBLY services. As such, we have been practicing WORK @ […]


Dear President Trump | Followup

December, 3 2019

Download Letter as a PDF Dear President Trump: This is an update from my letter last year dated September 12th, 2018. See my updated comments in RED! First of all, I voted for you and I believe in your policies and their intended desired results. But your actions over the last year put my current […]


Electronics-Sourcing article, Sept. 2019-top connector sourcing questions…

September, 26 2019

September 2019: Tricky part numbering, environmental ratings, and complex material considerations prompt detailed purchasing questions when sourcing specialist connectors. ECCO president, Bernard J Gizzi, lists the FAQs #1. Who is the manufacturer? Sounds simple, but connectors share similar part numbers across competitors. Certain customers dictate that the connector can only be sourced from the […]


Q3 & the late Summertime at ECCO 2019

September, 3 2019

Given we are already well into the late summer and football season, I wanted to share a few things with you including an update on our business and our new operating engagement and partnership with the biggest little distributor in the USA!. First, we closed our first fiscal half of the year with over 20% […]


2019 Forecast: ECCO getting “READY to RUMBLE”

December, 17 2018

What a year! While our global economy remains strong for the most part, I do see challenges on the horizon for electronics distributors as we deal with several unforeseen situations. First of all, as tariffs remain in place into the new year, more shifting of manufacturing will take place and likely lengthen lead times and […]


Regarding US Special TARIFF Imposed on Chinese Manufactured Goods

July, 5 2018

Message from ECCO Leadership… As most (if not all) of you are aware, the United States has imposed an additional tariff (on most products up to 25%)  on imports from China effective July 6, 2018. This additional tariff will directly impact products within our industry and, because some of the manufacturers that ECCO represents provide […]


Refreshed Web site, now LIVE April, 2018

April, 19 2018

ECCO soft launched its newly enhanced web site this month and it’s getting rave reviews.  Included in this refresh; -A new hosting site with speeds 10X from our previous web site -Better images -Better product drill down capablities -Stronger Search & upgraded Content -Better eCommerce experience – Better custom cable assembly quoting tools -Increased our […]


Welcome to Professor GIZMO’s BLOG

November, 1 2017

Hello, and let me introduce myself to you, I am Professor GIZMO, and I plan on letting you all learn from (and teach) me everything I need to know about electronic connectors. To start today’s session, I am posting a picture of myself drawn by some random artist on the web (copyright not protected, but […]