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ECCO’s COVID-19 response and update

March 18, 2020

Dear ECCO Customer/Stakeholder: (UPDATED MAY 25th, 2020)

Happy Memorial Day 2020, and while we continue to recover from COVID-19’s effect on the world, we do want to pay homage to our USA veterans who fought for our freedom over the past 200 years and to the men and woman serving in our armed forces today.  Coming across this image, it truly says it all!


Moving to the current business today,  we are asking our customers to update their lead times given global logistics delays occurring still due to the World Wide Pandemic.  As freight carriers prioritize health and safety in their operations ,we encourage you to adjust your lead times temporarily by adding an additional 4 weeks to factory lead times.  You can work with your ECCO account manager since this will vary by manufacturer and product line, but until things smooth out, please place your orders earlier than normal so we can stay on top of meeting and exceeding your delivery expectations.


Additionally, today we are all currently doing well as individuals and as a team despite COVID-19.  We hope and wish the best for you and all your families, colleagues, and friends.  Stay well, and hope to connect again soon!


I know we have a safe workplace at ECCO, and as a reminder:

  1. We will practice the 3 C’s Contain, Cover, Clean…and are now practicing HYPER HYGIENE at our offices where we will all be personally responsible for wiping our work and surface areas continuously along with last touch items including tools, desks, pens, phones, door handles, copiers, etc..
  2. We will follow all CDC and local government guidelines and requirements for both Nogales and Chicago warehouse/assembly facilities. If either of our facilities are ordered to shut down, we will go dark for that period of time as dictated by local and federal officials.
  3. We will continue to be flexible with our employees both work at home and those in the shop(s) as needed.


Today, we are living and breathing our BRAND PROMISE; which is being FAST, FLEXIBLE, TECHNICAL, with QUALITY ASSEMBLY services.  As such, we will continue WORK @ HOME (WAH) with our front office employees (sales/marketing/operations/purchasing) who will operate at 100% capacity given our investments over the last year in IT and connectivity.  Our assembly, shipping, and warehouse personnel in both Nogales MX and Chicago IL are still meeting ALL customer commitments while staggering shifts, practicing spatial separation, intense cleaning/hyper hygiene, and being extremely flexible with workday schedules.  

Be well, stay healthy, and updates will be shared as often as necessary.


  We will weather this storm together: as we are.. “CONNECTING SOLUTIONS…TOGETHER”!

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