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Cable / Wire Harness Assembly

Beyond ECCO providing best-in-class assembled connectors, we can also “follow the wire” to deliver a cost effective, quality solution for most of your complete cable or wire harness assembly requirements; built to your specifications, tested, and delivered ready to install.

Value Added assembly of custom cable and wire harness solutions includes a wide range of potential products. Whether simple or complex, by the piece or at volume, we offer customization and single source solutions for custom cables or wire harnesses, simple cut wire, kitting, or common products with modification or attachment to create any value added solution.

Our expert knowledge of electronic connectors, cable, wire, and other parts/components will benefit you and your project from design through delivery. Our certified quality processes ensure high quality workmanship with zero defects at a cost effective price.

Custom Cable Assemblies; Custom Cables can be built per exact specification from a customer supplied drawing or reverse engineered from a supplied sample.

Wire Harnesses; from simple to complex, we will work with you to produce and deliver your required wire harness solution on time, in full, with zero defects. First Article and Testing.

  • Wire Marking
  • Label Wrapping, Soldering & Tinning
  • Hi-Pot and Continuity testing



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