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Supply Chain Solutions

From JIT (Just in Time) to bonded, consigned, or drop shipped inventory, ECCO knows you have demanding needs to have the inventory in the “right place” at the “right time”. So, when we say we don’t just sell products, we sell PEACE OF MIND, we truly mean it.

Every day, our customers communicate that they are challenged to be FASTER, MORE INNOVATIVE, and COMPETITIVE so we have aligned our value proposition along those lines to be FAST, FOCUSED, FLEXIBLE & TECHNICAL with Quality Assembled Solutions delivered on time and in full.

ECCO’s supply chain services include-

  • Blanket orders with scheduled releases allowing for flexible material flow to you.
  • Bonded/Reserved inventory with min max inventory replenishment keeping safety stock available to meet your demand spikes.
  • Consigned inventory at your facility, giving you the ability to quickly build your products without our build time and allowing inventory carrying costs be kept to a minimum.
  • Form, Fit, & Functionality Obsolescence Management via alternative products with same or better specifications (Commercial vs. Military or different Manufacturer similar part ).
  • Environmental crosses & upgrades with RoHS product sourcing assistance.
  • Kitting for better assembly material flow.
  • Drop Ship & Blind Shipping (when critical timing( e.g AOG or Aircraft on Ground) requires it go DIRECTLY to the end customer).